Garnet Birthstone Necklace

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Natural faceted garnet claw set sterling silver pendant on a 45cm sterling silver chain.  The gemstones used in these pieces are approximately 7mm x 5mm.  Garnet is the birthstone for January.

KEY WORDS:  Emotional healing, self-worth, walking the spiritual path 

CHAKRAS:  Root (1st), Heart (4th), Crown (7th)


PHYSICAL:  Supports healing of physical issues rooted in emotional wounds

EMOTIONAL:  Soothes and heals the emotional body

SPIRITUAL:  Facilitates linking with one’s guides and angels, attuning to the heart

RHODOLITE GARNET is a variety of Pyrope Garnet, a magnesium aluminium silicate with a hardness of 7 to 7.5. Its colour varies from rose red to pale violet. Its name is derived from Greek words meaning “rose stone.” It is found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zambia, Braziland the USA.

Rhodolite Garnet combines the energies of the base chakra, heart chakra and crown chakra, offering physical, emotional and spiritual support. Its gentle energies activate one’s connection to inner guides and guardian angels, while they simultaneously put one in touch with the wordless voice of the heart’s yearnings. In this way it creates an inner alignment that allows one to know clearly what steps to take on the spiritual path. Meanwhile the grounding influence of Rhodolite’s connection with the base chakra aids in making and keeping the inner commitments to take one forward on that path.

Rhodolite Garnet offers emotional healing, particularly in the areas of guilt and shame.  Those who were wounded in these ways may find that Rhodolite lightens and lifts the burdens of such memories. If the memories are not conscious, this may manifest as a lightening of one’s overall mood and a sense of quiet happiness.

Rhodolite Garnet strengthens the emotional body, making it easier to hear the call of Spirit and to walk the spiritual path.  Azeztulite, especially Pink Azeztulite, can facilitate the spiritual healing supported by Rhodolite Garnet.

Source: The Pocket Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons

All photos are in natural light to best show off the actual colour of the stones.  The piece in the photos are of the piece you will receive.
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