Study & Exam Crystal Kit

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The Study & Exam Crystal Kit


A question often asked, I struggle with focus, especially ahead of major exams or test, what can I use?  The 5 stones below are normally my go-to choices.  Sometimes I add a pyrite or a tiger eye if they are available. 
What's in the box?
Quartz Crystal
Quartz is a crystal that has many healing benefits and is a must-have for everyone. The clear quartz is fantastic in aiding focus when studying.  It can hold onto information and can be programmed for different purposes.  Not only does it keep the peace between all your stones, but it can be used to enhance the vibrations from other stones as it reflects energy.  With its cleansing energy it can affect the intellect and therefore can be used to clear your mind of distractions when you need to focus.
Sodalite (Tumbled)
Blue Soldalite enhances calmness and rational thought.  When it comes to studying, we can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and start to not think straight!  Sometimes our minds wander, and we worry about the future and takes our focus away from the present.  If you are prone to overthink and overstress, blue sodalite is a perfect way to chill out and focus on what is important.  Brain fog, no more, sodalite allows us to see things clearly.
Rose Quartz (Tumbled)
Rose Quartz is all about soothing you and support.  When it is hard to focus when you feel burnt out and sick of the world, grab your rose quartz.  Everyone goes through stages of stress and unrest, but with rose quartz on hand you can get through it.  Rose quartz is all about self-love and self-belief which makes anything possible, even the most daunting test or exam.  Have rose quartz close by all the time because we all need self-love.
Green Aventurine (Tumbled)
Green Aventurine provides luck, courage, and peace.  It has very strong vibrations which promotes optimism and a healthy outlook on life and gives a healthy boost of positivity.  Just what you need when the studies get your down.  Green aventurine is also connected to independence and forward-thinking, so if you are studying alone and find it hard to get your brain in gear grab your green aventurine and take control.  Negativity can easily prevent us from moving forward and instead send us backwards.  Green aventurine helps you focus on what is ahead of you, not what has already happened.
Pyrite (Rough)
Fluorite is known as the genius stone and is great for mental enhancement and giving clarity.  It is incredible for focus when studying as it helps open your mind to new ideas.  When studying it helps you to concentrate on your work as its vibrations stimulate the electrical charges in the brain.  Fluorite is known to inspire originality and helps with improved decision making. Fluorite is my number one choice when it comes to wanting focus on studying.


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