The Emotional Support Kit

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The Emotional Support Crystal Kit


What’s in the box?

Quartz Crystal
Quartz is a crystal that has many healing benefits and is an must-have for everyone. The clear quartz is fantastic in aiding focus when studying. It has the ability to hold onto information and can be programmed for different purposes. Not only does it keep the peace between all your stones but it can be used to enhance the vibrations from other stones as it reflects energy. With it's cleansing energy it can affect the intellect and therefore can be used to clear your mind of distractions when you need to focus.

Blue Lace Agate (Tumbled)
Embodying a gentle blue hue, blue lace agate offers soothing energy. Its graceful banding stimulates while maintaining tranquillity. A communication enhancer, boosting confidence and articulation. Ideal for public speaking, known as the Diplomat's Stone for clear, calm expression. Valued for stability due to its lower vibration frequency.

Rose Quartz (Tumbled)
Rose Quartz is all about soothing you and support. When it is hard to focus when you feel burnt out and sick of the world, grab your rose quartz. Everyone goes through stages of stress and unrest, but with rose quartz on hand you can get through it. Rose quartz is all about self-love and self-belief which makes anything possible, even the most daunting test or exam. Have rose quartz close by all the time because we all need self-love.

Malachite (Tumbled)
Renowned as the 'stone of transformation,' Malachite embodies joy and aids in healing emotional wounds. Absorb pain, embrace change, and nurture personal growth.

Pyrite Cluster (Rough)
Pyrite boosts vitality, enhances willpower to conquer bad habits and foster health, aids in overcoming anxiety, and cultivates a 'can do' attitude. It wards off negativity, instilling courage to eliminate such influences. Pyrite balances energies, fostering auric harmony. It sparks creativity in arts, sciences, and more, fuelling ambition, commitment, and mental clarity. This stone propels assertive action, nurturing the inner warrior for communal betterment.


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