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The Office Crystal Kit

The Office Crystal Kit

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The Office Crystal Kit

Working in an office can be challenging, specially when one has to deal with negative energies.  Making yourself heard and getting your ideas across can also be a challenge.  I have selected five crystals that I believe can assist with this (some of my favourites in this lot, again)
What's in the box?
Black Tourmaline (Rough)
Black Tourmaline is known to ground and protect. This stone will repel and block all kinds of negative energy, it will remove toxic energy within a person or a space. Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest protection stones you can find, it is also known to protect against electromagnetic frequencies.
Blue Chalcedony (Tumbled)
Blue chalcedony is renowned for its calming energy, promoting emotional balance, communication, and inner harmony, making it a cherished gem for holistic healing practices.
Pyrite (Rough)
Pyrite imparts an immediate increase in vitality. It enhances willpower, assisting one in overcoming bad habits and establishing new patterns of health and positive energy. It aids one in overcoming anxiety and helps one establish a “can do” attitude about whatever one has decided to attempt. It can screen out negative influences and give one the courage to banish them. Pyrite stimulates creativity in art, mathematics, sculpture, architecture, science and other disciplines. It feeds the qualities of ambition, commitment and persistence. It increases mental clarity and focus. It supports one in taking assertive action and developing the inner warrior for the benefit of the community.
Amethyst (Tumbled)
Amethyst is a stone of protection and intuition. The stone vibrates at a high frequency creating a bubble of spiritual protection around you, with that it will purify the mind and clear it of negative thoughts. Amethyst awakens your intuition allowing you to make wiser decisions with a clear head.
Shungite is a purifying stone. Place it at your workstation to absorb any negative energy during the day and discharge it during the night.  Placing it at your work area can absorb electromagnetic energy emitted by computers, wi-fi routers etc.

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