Black Agatized, Cut & Polished Ammonite Fossil


Very Rare Black Agatized, Cut & Polished Ammonite Fossil from Madagascar


This cut and polished ammonite (Cleoniceras) fossil from Madagascar is 90mm wide x 111mm high and weights 317 gram. It exhibits gorgeous mineralization within the chambers, each separated by white calcite divisions. Some of the chambers are still hollow and lined with druzy crystals.

This cut pair of ammonites comes with a pair of display stands.
Ammonites were predatory mollusks that resembled a squid with a shell. These cephalopods had eyes, tentacles, and spiral shells. They are more closely related to a living octopus, though the shells resemble that of a nautilus. True ammonites appeared in the fossil record about 240 million years ago. The last lineages disappeared 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous.


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The photos are taken in light studio but best efforts are made to reflect the true colour of the stones but there may be some variation in natural light. 

The piece in the image is the exact piece you will receive.

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