Authentic Megalodon Shark Tooth: Dive into Prehistoric Power!

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Collectible Megalodon Shark Tooth: Rare Fossil Find


The Megalodon, an awe-inspiring prehistoric shark, reigned as the largest marine predator in Earth's history. Towering over modern great white sharks, they would have been mere bite-size snacks for this colossal creature. From 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago, during the late Oligocene to early Pleistocene epochs, Megalodon struck terror across diverse ocean waters worldwide. With an estimated length approaching 60 feet, this extinct species has rightfully earned its reputation as the greatest vertebrate predator to have ever lived.

Measured from tip to root, at an angle, the size is:
Left Side: 131mm
Right Side: 134mm
Top: 102mm

This tooth is from Georgia in the USA.  The tooth is complete with some serrations still visible and the tip is undamaged. The enamel is a light brown/tan colour with the root is almost black in colour.  The tooth has not been restored or polished.  The tooth weighs 289 gram. 


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