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Fossilized Knightia Fish (Green River)

Fossilized Knightia Fish (Green River)

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Own a Piece of Wyoming's Past: Real Knightia Fish Fossil (Green River Formation)!

Hold a predator from the Eocene epoch in your hand!  This genuine Knightia fish fossil, unearthed from the famed Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA, offers a glimpse into a world 56 to 34 million years ago. 
Size: 146mm x 101mm x 8mm Approximately
Weight:  202gram
Display stand not included.
Imagine the teeming freshwater lakes where Knightia thrived. These weren't your average goldfish! Though similar to modern herring, Knightia were sleek, streamlined hunters, reaching up to 250mm long. Their bodies were built for speed, with a forked tail for powerful bursts and fins for agility.  
Knightia weren't apex predators, but they were efficient hunters. Their diet likely consisted of plankton, algae, and smaller fish, keeping the Eocene ecosystem in balance. 
Knightia's abundance and remarkable preservation in the Green River Formation make them a favorite among fossil collectors. This meticulously preserved specimen showcases the details you crave - a testament to the ancient life that once thrived in Wyoming's freshwater haven. 
More than just a rock, this Knightia fossil is a conversation starter and a window to the past.
Don't miss your chance to own a piece of history! Add this Wyoming treasure to your collection today!
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