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Indochinite Tektite (Normal Spheroidal Apioid)

Indochinite Tektite (Normal Spheroidal Apioid)

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Normal Spheroidal Apioid Shaped Splash Form Tektite from Thailand


Size:  17.6mm x 16mm x 50mm Approximately
Weight:  13.3 gram



Indochinite is a type of tektite. Tektites were ejected into the Earth's upper atmosphere by a meteorite impact and subsequently cooled to form the distinctive glass-like structure. Indochinites are distinctly dark black in contrast to the green of Czech Republic’s Moldavite tektites. It is estimated that these bodies of solidified magma are approximately 700,000 years old.  Indochinite tektites are found in the Indochinese peninsula, from Australia and the Pacific islands of Micronesia in the east and south, to China and Indonesia in the north and west.

Thailand tektites, where these pieces are from, are part of the Indochinite strewn field. The exact location of the impact crater where these tektites were formed is unknown, but the volume of tektites found in South East Asia seems to indicate that it was near Thailand.  Not much new material comes available so most material available is from older collections.

Beautiful, black, shiny, and well-formed are good ways to describe these splash form tektites found in Thailand. Dumbbells, Teardrops, Rods, Patties, Spheres are among the forms found in this region of the Indochinite strewn field. The surface has bright shiny cups and pits. The surfaces show the twisting of the molten glass in visible surface flow lines. Bald spots are generally found on all larger splash form tektites and that is the case with Thailand splash forms as well.


All photographs are taken in a light studio so colours may vary from the actual piece.  We do try and make the images as accurate as possible. 

The pieces in the images is the exact pieces you will receive.
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