Lepidolite Crystal Skull

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Lepidolite Crystal Skull

 Size: 50x32x39 mm

Weight: 87g

Ancient cultures carved crystals into the shape of a human skull to increase their power to affect healing and human consciousness on all levels. Crystal skulls are empowered by the natural healing properties inherent within different stones, which resonate at different frequencies of healing and consciousness.

Crystal skulls can be programmed and directed by desired intention for supporting the healing of oneself and others. One can work with specific stones for assistance with specific conditions, or one can work with an all-purpose crystal skull carved of clear quartz crystal.


KEY WORDS Emotional healing and balance, purification, serenity, relaxation, stress relief

CHAKRAS All, especially Heart (4th) and Third Eye (6th)


PHYSICAL Spiritually aids recovery from insomnia and stress-related disorders

EMOTIONAL Supports emotional balance and helps dispel worry

SPIRITUAL Inspires serenity, aids spiritual purification, deepens meditation

LEPIDOLITE is potassium lithium aluminium silicate with a monoclinic crystal system and a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Its color is most often pink, purplish or lavender. Lepidolite has been found in Africa, Brazil, Greenland and the USA.

Lepidolite is effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry, and setting one on the path of willing acceptance. Lepidolite not only brings calm to stormy emotional seas, it also provides an energy of enlightened awareness that keeps one “on the beam” so one can handle the situation in the highest way.

Lepidolite is a stone of serenity. It encourages one to respond to hostility without putting up defences, to find the path of harmonious action and to see problems as opportunities to learn.  Lepidolite is also a stone of spiritual purification, and meditation with it can clear blocked energies in any of the chakras and throughout the meridian system. It can dispel negative thoughts and remove negative emotional attachments.

Lepidolite harmonizes with other lithium-bearing minerals, such as Tourmaline, Kunzite, Petalite and Amblygonite. Its higher spiritual energies can be augmented by Phenacite, Azeztulite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Elestial Calcite and Merkabite Calcite. Its property of serenitycan be further activated by Lemurian Seed Crystals and Aqua Lemuria.

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