NWA869 L5 Chondrite Meteorite Slice

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NWA869 L5 Chondrite Meteorite Slice


Location: Tindouf, Algeria
Found: 2000
Classification: Ordinary L chondrite, brecciated (L3-6, br.; S3; W1)
Size:  41.9 x 20.4 x 9mm
Weight: 10.1 gram

Very interesting sliced up piece of meteorite showing the composition of the meteorite. The iron flakes are clearly visible as can be seem in the enlarged images. The piece is slightly magnetic and is supplied with a display case.

Meteorite collectors in Northwest Africa discovered a large L chondrite strewn field in North West Africa in 2000. At least 2 metric tons of material comprising thousands of individual pieces were found and named NWA 869.  These pieces are sold in the market places of Morocco and around the world. Individual pieces range from 1 g to more than 20 kg. It is certain that NWA 869 is paired with other NWA meteorites, although no systematic survey has been done. It is also possible that some stones sold as NWA 869 are not part of the same fall, although dealers are confident that most of the known masses are sufficiently distinctive from other NWA meteorites in terms of surface and internal appearance that the error rate should be fairly low.

All photographs are taken in a light studio so colours may vary from the actual piece. We do try and make the images as accurate as possible.

The piece in the images is of the piece you will receive.

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