Large Shark Tooth Fossil in Matrix


R 350.00

Natural shark tooth fossil in matrix from Morocco.

Size of tooth: Approximately 45mm x 60mm

Otodus is an extinct genus of mackerel shark which lived from the Paleocene to the Miocene epoch. The name Otodus comes from Ancient Greek ὠτ (ōt, meaning "ear") and ὀδούς (odoús, meaning "tooth") – thus, "ear-shaped tooth".

This shark is known from its fossilized teeth and vertebral centra. Like other elasmobranchs, the skeleton of Otodus was composed of cartilage and not bone, resulting in relatively few preserved skeletal structures appearing within the fossil record. The teeth of this shark are large with triangular crown, smooth cutting edges, and visible cusps on the roots. Some Otodus teeth also show signs of evolving serrations.

The fossils of Otodus indicate that it was an exceptionally large macro-predatory shark. The largest known teeth measure about 104 millimetres in height. The vertebral centrum of this shark are over 12.7 cm wide. Scientists suggest that this shark at least reached 9.1 metres in total length with a maximum length of 12.2 metres.

All photos are taken under natural light to best show off the actual colour of the stones.

The piece in the photos are of the piece you will receive.