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Pansy Shell (Sand Dollar) from Madagascar - The perfect currency!

Pansy Shell (Sand Dollar) from Madagascar - The perfect currency!

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Own a Piece of Ocean History with this Authentic Pansy Shell Fossil from Madagascar!

This captivating Pansy Shell fossil, unearthed from the ancient seabed of Madagascar's Tulear Province, is more than just a pretty rock - it's a window to the past! Pansy shells, also known as sand dollars, are the intricate skeletons of echinoderms, a group of marine animals related to starfish and sea urchins. 
Imagine gentle waves washing over the ocean floor millions of years ago. These Pansy shells lived buried in the sand, filtering nutrients from the water. After the echinoderm died, its delicate calcium carbonate shell was gradually replaced by minerals, transforming it into the beautiful fossil you see today.  These pansy shell lived during the Middle Jurassic period between 74 million years and 163 million years ago!
This fossil, measuring 94mm (approximately 3.7 inches) in diameter, showcases the intricate lace-like pattern of the Pansy shell in stunning detail. It's a captivating conversation starter and a unique treasure to add to your collection.  
Looking for the perfect gift for a beach lover, nature enthusiast, or anyone who appreciates unique beauty? This Pansy Shell fossil is sure to impress!  Add a touch of the ocean's timeless elegance to your home or gift it to someone special today!
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