Pink Halite Crystal - Trona California

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Pink Halite Specimen from Trona

Halite also known as rock salt is a common, well-known and naturally occurring form of salt. It is crucial for life forms on this planet.  It can be found in salt lakes and oceans in a dissolved solution or as a solid mass. Halite comes in a range of colors due to impurities, crystal lattice defects.  In the case of the peach and pink varieties bacteria present causes these colours. Please note to keep your crystal dry as it is a sodium chloride crystal and  soluble in water. It exhibits an isometric crystal system, a transparent to translucent transparency, a brittle tenacity, a vitreous luster, a white streak, and a hardness of 2-2.5 on the Mohs scale. Everyone knows that salt is one of the most commonly used spices for flavoring the foods we eat. It is also used in large quantities to melt ice on roads and walkways so that we may walk and drive safely on them.

Origin: Owens Lake, Inyo County, California

Size:  86mm x 63mm x 28mm

Weight:  92 grams

KEY WORDS Emotional cleansing, inner clarity, opening the heart, self-love



PHYSICAL Helps clear the body of emotionally related imbalances

EMOTIONAL Encourages dispelling negativity, bringing joy, enhancing self-love

SPIRITUAL Facilitates opening to higher awareness by clearing one’s consciousness

Pink Halite is a sodium chloride crystal with a cubic crystal system and a hardness of 2 to 2.5. It is formed by the evaporation of salt water. It comes from the salt mines of Poland. Pink Halite is an excellent stone for manifesting self-love— not only to experience feelings of self-love, but also to take action to do the things that selflove implies. This is because Pink Halite blends the energies of the heart and solar plexus— the chakras of love and will. Pink Halite is a stone of clarity. Its presence tends to dissolve foggy thinking, confusion, deception and doubt. It can really “ clear the air ” in many ways! It is recommended that those who work in environments of negativity or indirect communication keep a piece of Pink Halite on the desk or on one ’ s person. Its energy will help one express oneself straightforwardly and will assist in seeing through to the truth in all types of interactions. Bathing in water in which Pink Halite is dissolved is a lovely and therapeutic experience. It is even superior to the sea-salt cleansing baths which many people use to clear and replenish their energies. Only a small amount of the Pink Halite is required to produce a full etheric cleansing, and a single stone may be used repeatedly, until it is completely dissolved. Pink Halite harmonizes with the heart stones Rosophia, Morganite and Rose Quartz, as well as the high-vibration stones Phenacite and Azeztulite.

Source: The Pocket Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons

All photos are taken under natural light to best show off the actual colour of the stones.  The piece in the photos are of the piece you will receive.



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