Mahogany Obsidian Crystal Skull

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  • Size: 50x34x40 mm
  • Weight: 82g
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  • Description
  • Mahogany Obsidian Crystal Skull


  • Size: 50x34x40 mm

  • Weight: 82g

    Ancient cultures carved crystals into the shape of a human skull to increase their power to affect healing and human consciousness on all levels. Crystal skulls are empowered by the natural healing properties inherent within different stones, which resonate at different frequencies of healing and consciousness.

    Crystal skulls can be programmed and directed by desired intention for supporting the healing of oneself and others. One can work with specific stones for assistance with specific conditions, or one can work with an all-purpose crystal skull carved of clear quartz crystal.


    Mahogany Obsidian in Healing

    KEY WORDS Release from inner limitations, healing feelings of unworthiness

    CHAKRAS Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd)

    ELEMENT Earth

    PHYSICAL Energetically supports liver and kidney functions, aids in detoxification

    EMOTIONAL Facilitates healing unconsciously held shame, encourages self-love

    SPIRITUAL Ideal for psychic protection, clearing blockages, creativity

    M AHOGANY OBSIDIAN is a glassy, silica-rich volcanic rock with an amorphous structure and a hardness of 5 to 5.5. It is black with reddish brown spots. It is named after the prominent ancient Roman, Obsius.

    Mahogany Obsidian can help cleanse the second chakra of negative energies and residue from old wounds. Such fixations can block the flow of one’s creative energies or create problems in the full expression of one’s sexuality, so it is important work to make sure this chakra operates freely.

    Using Mahogany Obsidian in a body layout, between the first and second chakras, one can “draw out the poison” of unconscious memories of shame, humiliation, or abuse, releasing them into the Light.

    Mahogany Obsidian can remove negative psychic “implants” that hold one back in other areas. It is ideal for dispelling feelings of unworthiness that hold one back from fulfilling one’s potential in work, love, and spiritual awakening. Carrying or wearing Mahogany Obsidian shields one from psychic attack, whether it be from nonphysical entities or other people. It’s a bit like having an etheric bodyguard!

    Mahogany Obsidian works harmoniously with Tibetan Black Quartz, Sugilite and Black Tourmaline, regarding providing psychic protection. Zincite helps in healing wounds to the second chakra. Bringing in Moldavite is useful in helping one move beyond past limitations.

    Source: The Pocket Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons

    The photos are taken in light studio but best efforts are made to reflect the true colour of the stones but there may be some variation in natural light. 

    The piece in the image is the exact piece you will receive.
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