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Real Otodus Obliquus Shark Tooth (Meg's Cousin)

Real Otodus Obliquus Shark Tooth (Meg's Cousin)

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Dive into Prehistory with this Genuine Shark Tooth Fossil!

Unearth a piece of ocean history with this incredible Otodus shark tooth fossil!  This genuine relic, hailing all the way from Morocco, is your chance to own a piece of the prehistoric world. 
Imagine the power of this predator!  This Otodus, with its  ear-shaped tooth (that's what "Otodus" means in ancient Greek!),  was a massive creature,  ruling the oceans like a 9-meter-long (30ft!) eating machine. 
This isn't just a rock, it's a conversation starter!  Picture the look on their faces when you tell them you're holding a genuine shark tooth millions of years old. 
The perfect gift for the shark enthusiast, paleontology buff, or anyone who loves unique finds!
Don't miss your chance to own a piece of history!
Product Specs:
- Approximately 95mm x 90mm x 20mm (think hefty paperweight!)
- Weighs in at 220 grams (a solid conversation starter)
Don't let this prehistoric treasure get away, add it to your cart today!

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