Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorites Fragment

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Fragment of Authentic Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorite from Primorsky Krai, Russia with nice Thumbprints


Size:  30mm x 17mm x 13mm


Weight: 21.6 grams approximately
Source:  Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorsky Krai, Far Eastern Federal District


Structural Classification: Octahedrite, coarsest


Classification:  Iron IIAB


Composition: 93% Fe, 5.9% Ni, 0.42% Co, 0.46% P, 0.28% S


Fall Date:  12 February 1947




HISTORY:  On 12 February 1947 around 10:30 eyewitnesses in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Primorye in the then Soviet Union saw a large fireball that came out of the north and descended at an angle of about 41 degrees. The flash and the sound of the fall was seen and heard for approximately 300 kilometres around the point of impact. The smoke trail, which was estimated at around 32 km long, remained in the sky for several hours.

The meteor broke apart upon entering the earth’s atmosphere, but the fragments fell together. It is estimated that the meteorite travelled at about 14 km/s (that is a staggering 50,000 km/h). At an altitude of about 5.6 km the largest mass apparently broke up in an explosion called an air burst. Upon impact some pieces buried themselves 6 meter deep.

On 20 November 1957 the Soviet Union issued a stamp for the 10th anniversary of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite shower. It reproduces a painting by P. I. Medvedev, a Soviet artist who witnessed the fall: he was sitting in his window starting a sketch when the fireball appeared, so he immediately began drawing what he saw.

These specimens are from a tremendous meteorite impact located in Siberia which happened in February 1947. They are coarsest octahedrites. Many small Sikhote-Alin meteorites will show surfaces that have been ablated passing through the atmosphere. These surfaces will be melted and often have blow back and a ridge of metal that formed from the metal that melted and moved back onto the rest of the individual.

All photographs are taken in a light studio so colours may vary from the actual piece. We do try and make the images as accurate as possible.

The piece in the images is of the piece you will receive.

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