Small Oval Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring

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  • Oval rainbow moonstoneĀ setĀ in a sterling silver stepped bezelĀ on 2mm wide split shank half round band, this stone measures approximately 10mm x 8mm.Ā Ā The stone shows beautiful flashes of blue from all angles.Ā 


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    KEY WORDSĀ Optimism, vitality, inner peace, Rainbow Body of Light


    ELEMENT Wind

    PHYSICAL Supports the body in overcoming fatigue from depression

    EMOTIONALĀ Inspires enthusiasm, self-appreciation, joy

    SPIRITUALĀ Stimulates awakening of the Rainbow Body of Light

    RAINBOW MOONSTONEĀ is a feldspar, a potassium aluminium silicate with a monoclinic crystal system and a hardness of 6 to 6.5. It is found in India and is distinguished by its multi-coloured iridescence.

    Rainbow Moonstones emanate great vitality, life force and exuberant joy. They offer the gifts of inner peace and harmony, emotional balance and strength, purification and transformation of negativity, as well as psychic protection. In addition, Rainbow Moonstone can facilitate the alignment and activation of all the chakras, while remaining grounded and centred. These powerful healers of the emotional body are recommended for those who suffer from stress or who carry old emotional wounds. Rainbow Moonstones promote a healthy optimism that can sustain one through dark times. They are stones of great Light, and they aid one in kindling the inner light of the heart. They can also facilitate activation of the Rainbow Body of Light, the spiritual vehicle by which our consciousness and travel throughout the many inner worlds.

    Rainbow Moonstones are aligned with the energies of the Goddess, and they can help one successfully empower oneā€™s feminine aspect. Through its Goddess connection, one can also commune with the energies and spirits of Nature, from plant devas to galactic consciousness.

    Rainbow Moonstone harmonizes well with all other types of Moonstone, as well as Sunstone, Labradorite, Black Jade, Amber, Golden Labradorite, Moldavite, Amethyst, Jet and Tibetan Tektite.

    Source: The Pocket Book Of Stones by Robert Simmons

    All photos are taken under natural light to best show off the actual colour of the stones.

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