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Small Fossilized Orthoceras Point

Small Fossilized Orthoceras Point

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Straight from the Seafloor: Small Fossilized Orthoceras Point

Ever wondered what the ocean floor looked like millions of years ago? Gaze into the past with this amazing Orthoceras fossil point, unearthed from the ancient seas of Morocco! Orthoceras weren't your typical sea creatures - they were straight-shelled cephalopods, distant relatives of squids and octopuses. Imagine a squid with a pointy shell instead of tentacles! They lived a super long time ago, cruising the oceans from about 480 to 248 million years back, before eventually disappearing. Although they couldn't zoom around like modern squid, they used jets of water to propel themselves and their pointy shells helped them burrow in the seabed for safety. This particular Orthoceras point measures 60mm x 17mm x 9mm and weighs 13 grams, making it a fascinating conversation starter and a unique piece of prehistoric history for your collection! 
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