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Trilobite Fossil (Cambropallas)

Trilobite Fossil (Cambropallas)

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Own a Piece of Ancient Morocco: 150 Million-Year-Old Trilobite Fossil

This magnificent 140mm x 135mm x 25mm trilobite fossil, hailing from Jbel Ougnate, Morocco, is a breathtaking window into Earth's Cambrian Period (541-485 million years ago). Trilobites, once abundant marine arthropods, are an extinct relative of modern insects and crustaceans. This fossilized marvel, weighing approximately 869 grams, showcases their segmented body structure in remarkable detail.
Imagine this creature gliding across the ocean floor millions of years ago!  This trilobite fossil offers a tangible connection to a bygone era and makes a captivating conversation starter or a stunning addition to any fossil collection.
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