Vanadinite Specimen - Morocco

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Vanadinite on matrix from Morocco


Size:  64mm x 37mm

Weight:  40 grams



Perched high on its contrasting matrix are sprays of intergrown, doubly terminated, lustrous brick-red vanadinite crystals. The crystals vary from 1mm to as large as 9mm in size.

Vanadinite in Healing

KEY WORDS Accomplishment of work, stamina, grounding, creativity, discipline, link to Earth energies

CHAKRAS Root (1st), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd), Third Eye (6th)


PHYSICAL Provides spiritual protection from radiation, stimulates proper hormone production.

EMOTIONAL Encourages the adventurous spirit, playfulness, joie de vivre.

SPIRITUAL Increases determination, discipline; expands intuitive awareness.

VANADINITE is a mineral combining lead, vanadium, oxygen and chlorine. Its hardness is 3, and its crystal system is hexagonal. Vanadinite is found in Morocco, as well as New Mexico and Arizona in the USA.

When one has a load of work to do, and there is no way to put it aside, one is advised to acquire some Vanadinite. This stone activates the lower three chakras, giving one the added endurance, persistence, power and will needed to see big projects through to completion.

It stimulates the mind centers and links them with the lower chakras, enhancing clear thought, organization, determination and vitality. For those whose work entails intuitive readings, channeling or mediumship, Vanadinite can provide stamina and grounding. The same is true for healers.

Vanadinite helps one stay linked with the body and the Earth without diminishing one ’s link to higher vibrational realms. Vanadinite provides a direct link to the Earth energies, and it can increase one’s sensitivity to elemental forces. Vanadinite stimulates creative and sexual energies. It can help one find needed inspiration and the arousal to action. It helps one connect with the animal self and relish the experience of physical life.

Vanadinite harmonizes with Zincite, Cerussite, Carnelian and Orange Calcite, Golden Labradorite, Iolite, Tiger Iron and Lapis Lazuli.

Source: The Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons

All photographs are taken in a light studio so colours may vary from the actual piece.  We do try and make the images as accurate as possible. 
The piece in the photos is of the piece you will receive.

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