Are crystals good for kids?

Are crystals good for kids?

Crystals are great for kids! Children are drawn to sparkling objects, and crystals beckon with magic. Kids are also more open to the metaphysical healing the Universe has to offer. This combination makes them prime candidates for crystal healing lifestyles. 

If your child does not mentally understand the power of energy healing, they will at least feel it. They may not know why they are pulled towards certain stones, but just like their favorite teddy bear, they will take comfort in the crystal's vibrations. 

Younger kids must always be supervised by an adult when wearing or playing with gemstones.


How are Crystals Formed?

Crystals often form in nature when liquids cool and start to harden. Certain molecules in the liquid gather together as they attempt to become stable. They do this in a uniform and repeating pattern that forms the crystal. In nature, crystals can form when liquid rock, called magma, cools.

What Can Crystals do?

1) AmplifyCrystals can make things stronger (especially our thoughts and feelings).

Try It Out with Kids:  Sit where you are right now and think about things that make you happy.  Now, pick up your crystal and think about your happy thought again.  Do you feel even happier when you’re holding the crystal?  This is because the crystal is amplifying your happy feeling!

2) Store:  Crystals can hold energy for us to use later on when we need it.  A special type of energy storage in crystals in called charging.  This stored energy will stay inside of the crystal until you want to use it.  When you are ready to use the crystal’s store energy, just hold the crystal over your heart and say, “Please share your energy with me.”

Try It Out with Kids:  When you get home, place your crystal on your windowsill where it will be in the light from the moon or the sun.  Leave the crystal there to charge.  The next day, pick up the crystal and see if you can feel the energy it has stored from the sun or the moon.  The sun’s energy might feel very warm and happy.  The moon’s energy might feel very cool and calming.  How do you feel?  Can you feel the energy the crystal has shared with you?

3) Transfer: Crystals can be used to send energy (healing, happy thoughts, or love) to other people.

Try It Out with Kids:  Hold a Quartz crystal point on your forehead with the termination (or point) sticking straight out from your body (like a unicorn horn).  Think about love and joy and fill your heart with happy thoughts.  Try to send these thoughts to someone near you and see if they can feel them!

The following guide is an introduction to some of the best healing crystals for children:


Amethyst is a calming crystal that can really help children sleep better and prevent nightmares. It's often popular with children because of its purple colour.

You can place a crystal underneath their pillow or by the bed, and make up a ‘Magic Spray’ for younger children. Simply fill a bottle with water and a few drops of lavender essential oil, and add an Amethyst crystal in too. Spray this around the room just as they are going to bed.


Moonstone is really good for children who are dealing with emotional issues or are hyperactive. Your child can simply hold the crystal or rub it on their forehead - you will find that they will instinctively use the crystal where they need it.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is definitely a stone every child should have. It has such a gentle, loving energy that it helps children overcome hurt and soothe their emotions. It is also gentle enough for children to wear for longer periods of time in bracelets, as a pendant or to carry in their pockets.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye a great grounding stone that brings daydreamers back to reality and into the present moment. It is also a great stone for helping children with their self-esteem and can promote courage, too.

Tiger's Eye can be carried in their pocket, but I would recommend that they don't carry it all the time - daydreaming is important too!

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is known as the ‘Good Luck’ stone, so would be perfect for children sitting tests or exams or needing some encouragement. It is also a stone of leadership and, therefore, excellent for shy children and helps all children to show their leadership qualities.


This deep blue stone is a great calmer and can help children think more clearly. It is a useful stone for any student, and taking this to school or placing it where your children do their homework will help them to focus.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the 'Master Healer' and really is a must for anyone's collection. It acts as an all-purpose healer and can, therefore, be useful in many situations. Children seem especially drawn to this crystal and can often spot small rainbows within its structure.

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