Beginner Crystals to Work With

Beginner Crystals to Work With

There are no set-in-concrete rules here. Maybe you just liked the colour and shape of the crystals, the way they sparkle or the way they feel but you don’t really know why. However they call to you, it’s all good. That’s your intuition talking.

It’s also important to remember that, much like your mood, your crystal of choice will change. 

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is a type of alternative therapy that involves using gemstones to bring balance to an individual's life and mind. It is using the energy of crystals and their healing modalities in practice, both on yourself and for others.

Everything around us is energy, and crystals have become a popular tool to connect to the varying energies, understand them, and heal from them. Often referred to as “record keepers,” crystals are the tangible connection we have to earth’s natural elements and energy. While crystals and gemstones are pure and aesthetically pleasing in their form, their true beauty lies within their healing and cleansing properties. 

Crystals are great for people that want to get their feet wet in energetic healing, as you don’t have to do too much work to feel the calming vibrations. There are so many unique paths to take when connecting with crystals and their vibrations.

''Energy is fluid and changeable so we can use crystals to change our energy and align ourselves with how we want to feel.''

Beginner Crystals to Work With:

The Essential Starter Crystal Kit

The Abundance and Success Crystal Kit

The Self-Care Crystal Kit

The Office Crystal Kit

The Anti-Anxiety Crystal Kit

The Ultimate Protection Crystal Kit

“Try thinking of crystals as being like your closest friendship circle. Each person in that group has a trait you lean on in times of heartache, or when looking for fun or a confidence boost. This is how crystals will call to you. Each has their own healing properties and you’ll learn to instinctively know which one to turn to.”

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