Ring Sizing Guide

How to measure your ring size

  1. Cut a string that is about 15cm long.
  2. Fold the string around the base of the finger, just below the knuckle.
  3. Mark where the string ends with the pen.
  4. Place the measured string on the ruler with the area marked on your right.
  5. The number closest to the pen mark is the circumference of the ring in millimetres.
  6. Use the ring size chart below to translate the measurements into a ring size.


  1. Grab the following: A strip of paper; Ruler; Pen/marker
  2. Cut a thin strip of paper about 100 millimetres long.
  3. Fold the thin strip of paper around the finger at the base and close enough to your knuckle.
  4. Mark the area where the two ends of the paper strip meet.
  5. Use the ruler to measure the length in millimetres to give you the circumference.

Convert the measurement to the appropriate ring size, using the ring size chart below.

Note: All our rings are measured using UK sizing