Healing crystals

Healing crystals

Healing crystals are used to restore balance within your mind, body and spirit. Crystals are considered to be energy healing tools for; but not limited too:

  • removing blockages
  • chakra balancing
  • enhancing meditation

Crystals are able to receive energy from your mind, they are a great tool to add to your spiritual practice. They allow focus, this will aid your spiritual growth.

Scientists describe crystals as 'growing', even though they are not alive. Most crystals form inside the Earth; trillions of atoms connect in regular three dimensional patterns. Each crystal starts small and grows as more atoms are added. Many crystals grow from water rich in dissolved minerals; they also grow from melted rock and vapour. Under the influence of different temperatures and pressures, atoms combine into a spectacular array of crystal shapes. This makes crystals highly stable in terms of their energetic vibration.

The stable energetic vibration is thought to be the way that crystals can have a positive influence when being used for your own energy field. When the crystal is bought into your energy field, your molecules start to move into alignment with the crystals balanced energy. The process of your bodies energy changing to match the higher vibrations of the crystal is called ‘entrainment’.

Crystals were used by many cultures. This dates back to thousands of years ago; for example, when the Romans and ancient Egyptians would use these beautiful treasures for their spiritual practices.

Each crystal has its own individual energy, this is why different crystals can influence the user in different ways. Your experience with crystals will be unique to you, this is why others who use crystals may add different combinations to their practice, they will receive their own energy. If you approach working with crystals with an open mind, you'll be surprised with the results and possibly full of questions about how they have made an impact!

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