Moldavite Affirmations

Moldavite Affirmations

Are you ready to be out-of-this-world extraordinary?

Do you wish to harness the powers of the star, space, earth, and gemstones for some seriously astounding affirmations?

Take hold of your cosmic green Moldavite and get ready to glow brighter than the bursting sun. Good luck, great abundance, deep spirituality, cosmic love, and infinite joy can be yours today.

If you don't own this rare green Tektite yet, check out the Moldavite Collection to find your perfect pieces before starting your manifestation.


Here are 15 mantras to recite while you wear and hold your Moldavite:

Chant them any time of the day or night, as often as you desire.

Moldavite for Cosmic Love:

  • My Moldavite opens my green Heart chakra to true love and summons my cosmic lover.
  • I am one in the universe, and so is my perfect match.
  • I have faith in destiny and love.
  • Through Moldavite, I am reminded that life is fragile and I must cherish every meaningful relationship.
  • With the help of Moldavite, I find true love from the stars above.

Moldavite for Astral Travel:

  • I defy time and space with my Moldavite beside me.
  • My physical body is of the earth, but my astral body travels limitlessly through dimensions.
  • I channel alien beings and messages through my extraterrestrial Moldavite.
  • With the high vibration of Moldavite, my frequency ascends the physical realm and I connect with my Higher Self.
  • I meditate with my Moldavite and experience visions that are out of this world.

Moldavite for Lucky Abundance:

  • Brighter than a four-leaf clover, my Moldavite gemstone brings me infinite luck.
  • I am lucky in love and lucky in life.
  • My Moldavite crystal attracts a universe of wealth and delivers it right into my hands.
  • I do positive visualizations with my green Moldavite and am rewarded with financial abundance.
  • When I am happy and joyous, prosperity flows my way.

Moldavite helps clear your Heart chakra, making it strong and confident going forward. Once your Heart chakra is open and activated, your self-love, love of others, and attraction of love can flow free. 



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