The Difference Between Cleansing & Charging Crystals

The Difference Between Cleansing & Charging Crystals

The crystals use energy, just like everyone else, and need time to recharge and cleanse. The same is true for moms after a long day taking care of the family or dads after a long work day. Often, we take our crystals for granted when wearing and absorbing their energy. In this blog, we will discuss why cleansing and charging your crystals are essential as well as the difference between cleansing and charging. 

In order for your crystal to work for you, you must take proper care of it. If your crystal seems dull or if its energy seems a bit faint or 'off', it might be time to cleanse and charge it.

Why Is Cleansing Your Crystals Important?

Known for their beauty, crystals are among the most impressionable objects on Earth. Their vibration is constantly in flux, as they respond to whatever energy they are in contact with. 

Aligning your energy with a crystal involves working with it one-on-one or incorporating it into your home.

When a person or space with which crystals are in sync undergoes major trauma or negative events, these crystals should also be cleansed. Crystals absorb the energy in a room that is frequently used by you or your family. Having not properly cleansed your crystals will lead to them releasing negative energies after a while. 

In order to keep these crystals free of accumulated energy, they need to be cleansed often. 

Why Is Charging Your Crystals So Important?

A crystal must be cleaned and charged simultaneously.

To maximize their vibratory potential, stones must be cleansed to remove lingering energies and charged to maximize their vibration.  Charging is what allows the metaphysical powers of stones to penetrate into our dense physical reality. 

When these rocks are removed from deep within the Earth, they remain perpetually charged. They get their energy from the core of the Earth, which is an endless source of energy. As these crystals are removed from the ground, their power slowly but surely diminishes.

In various ways, the energies of our stones are connected to Earthly vibrations, so they can assist us in the best way.

What Is The Difference Between Cleansing And Charging Crystals?

Cleansing crystals and charging crystals are two different things. We can gain positive energies from crystals, but they're also like friends who listen.  They can absorb our negative energies. Before charging crystals, they must be cleansed of your negative energy.

As soon as you've completed the first step, you should recharge your crystals.

Why You Cleanse Crystals

When healing crystals connect with other crystals, materials, and humans, their vibrations are reflected back to them.

As soon as you get home or after receiving your order online, cleanse your new stones so they won't be contaminated with unwanted energies.

In mystic theory, unbalanced auras emit low-frequency vibrations that cancel the vibration of crystals, which can lead to crystals becoming discoloured. A fluctuation in the vibration of the subatomic particles may cause a crystal's structure to change, changing its shade and vibration. In order to prevent the accumulation of dirt in crystals, they must be cleaned regularly to avoid storing low-frequency energy.

Why You Charge Crystals

To maintain and care for your crystals, you must charge them. When they get out of tune, their natural frequency must be tuned. A crystal that is not attuned to its natural frequency will not be able to heal its users effectively. Crystals that have been charged will intensify their energy, restore their natural frequency, be able to last longer between cleanings, and enhance their intention.

Cleansing vs Charging Crystals Summary

The difference between cleansing and charging crystals is clear.

The most important differences between these two methods have been discussed, as well as why they are vital to maximizing the benefits of crystals.

Here is a brief summary of the differences between crystal charging and crystal cleansing: 

  • Cleanse – eliminates stagnant energy. 
  • Charge- Crystals need to be charged in order to replenish their energy.

In simple terms, crystals function as batteries. They vibrate at a particular frequency and emit a specific type of energy. By touching crystals, we will be able to absorb their positive energy. This is why the hands and palms feel tingly after touching them. After some time, Crystals need to be reenergized to function at full capacity. 

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