Why we do not do black Friday

Why we do not do black Friday


Stores are not looking out for you – they want your money.

I have gone live more than once saying “I am the worst salesperson”.  I will not sell you something that you do not need.  If there is a cheaper option, I will tell you.  I have no problem if you come to the shop if you need a crystal fix and do not spend any money at all.  Sometimes the time you spend inside the shop and just look at the crystals, feel the energy and get healing from them is priceless.

The limited time of the sale makes you fear you will miss out.

I do not do fear and anxiety.  I sell crystals to help you deal with fear and anxiety – not promote these emotions.  Apache Tears is my absolute favourite to help you and guess what…… They cost R10.00.

Many of the deals offered on Black Friday sales are not bargains at all.

We spend a lot of time, consideration, intention and love selecting the products that we sell.  We give a product that is of value – Importance and worth.  These items can not be respectfully discounted.  We want people to feel that they get a “bargain” every day.

Many of the truly cheap items offered come from places where the workers are exploited.

We offer products that have been created millions of years ago, rocks, minerals, gemstones and jewellery made with gemstones.  These items are made by people whose lives are enriched not exploited.  This is particularly important to us.

You may get caught up in the excitement and hysteria and end up spending more than you can afford

We have experienced the most beautiful moments where young children bring their pocket money every week and stand literally for an hour deciding how best to spend their hard-earned money.  Which stones they must have today and what they will buy the next week.  Incredibly special that parents teach them such important values and how important careful consideration is.  We believe in creating a relationship and friendship that lasts long after your first purchase.

The money you save is always less than the money you spend!!

Read that again and let it sink in……  Have we not learnt this year just how important money can be when you have it and how insecure one can feel when we do not have it? 

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