5 Simple Ways to Use A Crystal Sphere

5 Simple Ways to Use A Crystal Sphere

When you think of crystal spheres, what comes to mind? If you picture a fortune-teller with a gypsy soul, adorned with jewels and leaning over their crystal ball whilst glimpsing at your past or gazing into your future, odds are you aren’t alone. Crystal balls have long been coined as a magical tool of the lucky few that claim to have the all-seeing eye; however, a crystal sphere is much more than this “stereotype” that comes to mind. In fact, they hold many different properties to better your environment and guide you in your life.
Due to its perfect symmetry, a crystal sphere releases positive energy in all directions to raise the vibration of your space. The spherical shape also contributes to smoothing out chaotic environments by promoting a seamless flow of energy, so you can work efficiently under any circumstances. In addition to their effect on the environment, crystal spheres also carry powerful ways to uplift your own personal energy field and promote your wellbeing. We’re often asked what the best uses for a crystal sphere are, and although the uses are truly endless, we’ve come up with 5 simple ways we like to incorporate them into our daily routine.
Crystal Sphere

1. Roll With It to Relieve Stress

During times of stress, your crystal sphere can alleviate an exponential build-up of tension in your body. For specific areas in your body that feel tight, sore, or energetically “blocked,” roll a clear quartz sphere over the site of discomfort, healing it with light and the reflexology motion. Since spheres are emblematic of the “whole” person, they carry healing properties to bring you strength and stability.

2. A Magical Meditation with a Crystal Sphere in Each Hand

Use your crystal sphere to connect to a higher power during your meditation session. First, find a quiet space that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Set a timer for eleven minutes—the number eleven symbolically represents the posts of an energy gateway. Sitting comfortably on the ground, hold a crystal sphere in each of your hands during your meditation. Focus your energy into each sphere and feel the weight in the palm of your hands as you harness your inner strength. Next, visualize a triangle of light starting at the top of your head, connecting to the spheres in each hand, creating a triangle. Feel yourself dropping deeper into your meditation, and visualize the spheres filling your being with light. After your timer rings, place your crystal spheres in the sun for at least 4 hours so they can recharge before your next meditation.

3. Feng Shui All Day

Place a couple of crystal spheres in any room around your home that feels as if it needs some light and positivity added it to it. Each crystal sphere will raise the vibration of the room and promote a happier environment. Determine what energy you wish to invite into your environment and program your crystal to hold this intention.

4. Meaningful Desk Decor

Transform your workspace with an added decorative crystal sphere to stimulate your creativity, increase your luck, bring monetary benefits to a business, or simply cleanse the room of negativity to create a healthier work environment. Place a crystal sphere on your office desk and program the crystal for “crystal clear focus + mental clarity.” Once you program your sphere to hold your intention, it will keep you focused, allowing you to surpass running into mental walls or blockages.

5. Let it Grow

Place your crystal sphere outside in the garden and program it to nurture the soil, flowers + plants. A crystal sphere absorbs the energy of the sun and spreads a bountiful amount of stored light throughout the garden and outside space. It is the perfect supplementary garden tool when your green thumb needs a little help.
Have we painted a new picture of the iconic “crystal ball” with something other than just another carnival trick? Use your crystal spheres in your meditation practices, for healing purposes, or as innovative decor to create an all-around vibrationally high environment. Of course, there are many more ways for you to put your crystal sphere to use, but we hope these suggestions have inspired you to do more than just gaze into that crystal ball of yours!
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