Birthstones - People either love or hate theirs.

Birthstones - People either love or hate theirs.

A birthstone is a gem that represents a particular month of the year. Each stone has its own meaning and significance.

The gift of someone's birthstone, regardless of the occasion, is one of the most thoughtful gestures, whether it is for their sweet 16th, 21st birthday, or Christmas.  It’s a beautiful and unique way to express your love to someone.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it holds a great deal of personal and spiritual meaning, promising peace, luck, and other unique properties to the wearer.

A beautiful piece of jewellery associated with your loved one's special day ensures they feel special. By simply researching their birthstone and choosing a gift that is relevant, it shows that you put thought and effort into their gift.

You can choose birthstones by month, Zodiac Sign, or modern and traditional stones

So, when you're picking a gift for a loved one or even yourself, you have many options. If you wish, you can even choose whichever month you prefer.

Is this really allowed you ask?

Of course!!!

The birthstone police are very lenient. *wink* *wink*

One can always select a piece of jewellery that contains multiple stones, and one of them can be your birthstone.

Alternating between different birthstone jewellery every month, based on your preferences, can be a great way for you to stay in style. There are no set rules about birthstones, so make up your own story. It's your birth right!

However, before you say "I hate the colour of my birthstone," you ought to know a little more about it.

It is possible to relate to some and not to others. We each have our own individual tastes; for instance, some people prefer courtroom drama, while others prefer romance.

There is a birthstone for everyone. Wear the one you like!

Who decided on birthstones?


Biblical Origins

Tradition traces its origins back to biblical times and the Book of Exodus. This describes the breastplate worn by Aaron, the first high priest of the Israelites, and which all future high priests were to wear. It was embellished with 12 different stones that represented each of the 12 tribes of Israel. It was believed that these stones possessed real power and were able to tell people their fate. It wasn't until the first century, approximately 500 years after Aaron's breastplate was described in the Book of Exodus, that the historian Joseph began believing there was a connection between the 12 stones in Aaron's breastplate, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 zodiac signs.


Hindu Roots

Hindu beliefs place mystical powers on stones representing your birth month, which is likely what influenced western customs as well. An ancient Hindu text, Ratna Pariksha, describes the relationship between gemstones, celestial bodies, and days of the week.


Modern Traditions

Although birthstones were already an international trend rooted in centuries-long practice, there was still no consensus on the list of birthstones. However, it took the National Association of Jewelers until 1912 in order to formally standardize the list of American birthstones and the months they represent.


Birthstone for February – Amethyst

Aquarius – Garnet - January 21 – February 19

Pisces – Amethyst – February 20 – March 20


“The February born shall find Sincerity and peach of mind, Freedom from passion and from care, If they, the amethyst will wear.”

Amethyst meaning – security, sincerity, spirituality and true happiness


Throughout history this stone has been present in religious and royal jewellery as a symbol of peace and serenity.  Among other jewels, the Pope himself wears an amethyst ring, which is also one of the apostles' emblems.

Amethyst birthstone holders are known for being highly intelligent, and their business sense is excellent.  Often, they have a pure mind full of positive and optimistic thoughts. Their calming presence or simple words can put others at ease. Furthermore, they are known as great listeners, able to lend a sympathetic ear to a friend in need.

Those born in February are generally in a hurry - whether they're rushing home, chasing a promotion, or trying to start a family.  Their tendency is to see life as a whole rather than breaking it up into separate moments.

Keywords – Protection, purification, Divine connection, release of addictions

Spiritual – The amethyst stone facilitates meditation and fosters communication with one's guides and angels.

Emotional – Amethyst can help one recognize the root causes behind the behaviour, habits, and emotional patterns that cause imbalance and disease.

Physical – Amethyst has traditionally served as an antidote to addictive behaviour and thought patterns.  It enhances clarity of mind and makes it more difficult for alcohol, drugs, and other addictions to alter one's mood.

Healing qualities – The Amethyst magnifies the power of other crystals. It is good for physical, mental, and emotional balance.  In addition to relieving homesickness, it facilitates negotiation skills, decision-making, wealth, business success, and the ability to deal with responsibility and change. It can also be useful for purification during ceremonies.


  • Treats the underlying causes of sickness.
  • Good for hearing, hormone regulation, insomnia, headaches, and bacterial and viral infections.
  • Aids in the detoxification and cleansing of the blood.



  • Aids with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anger, and violent tendencies.
  • Relaxes nerves, oversensitivity, stress, emotional energy, and grief.
  • Enhances the aura, self-esteem, spirituality, meditation, and spirit contact.


Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Aquarius possesses cheerfulness and determination, and they strive to be free and independent. In their eyes, progress can only be achieved by embracing change.

Aquarians are capable of technological innovations, political reform, and even revolution. A thirst for knowledge and a burning desire for the new may alienate or even drive away some partners. They are generous, open-minded, and tolerant, and they love intense discussion and debate. They can, however, let their dreams and ideals blind them to reality, causing a rude awakening when hard, cold facts impede their efforts. Aquarians often have difficulty forming close relationships since their restless explorations can make it difficult for them to commit to a partner.


Main gemstones for Aquarius – Turquoise, aquamarine, labradorite, amazonite, topaz, fluorite and malachite.


Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

There is no doubt that Pisces are extremely lovable people.  Their world revolves around feelings.  Due to their emotional sensitivity, they attempt to avoid embarrassment at all costs; they hide their vulnerability behind a wall of self-confidence and arrogance.  Most, however, fail to maintain this disguise.  Born under the sign of the fish, they do not like being comforted; they stay out of the spotlight. On the other hand, many people take advantage of their good natures and willingness to help others. 

By accepting others as they are, they intuitively understand that rejection, defensiveness, and resistance on the part of others can be easily overcome.  Their careers are often in helping professions

Pisces born with self-awareness will be able to perceive the deepest mysteries and secrets of life if they remain faithful to their ideals and does not shut themselves from the world. However, if they feel trapped and helpless within life's difficulties, then they can easily give up and will do anything to avoid conflict.

Main gemstones for Pisces – Amethyst, Opal, Blue sapphire, fluorite and sugilite.


Birthstone for January – Garnet

Birthstone as per Zodiac signs

Aquarius – 21th January – 19 February – Garnet

Capricorn – 22st December – 20 January – Ruby


“By her who in January was born No gem save garnets shall be worn They will ensure her constancy True friendship and fidelity”



A garnet is a symbol of confidence, energy, and willpower. If you were born this month, you are feisty and spontaneous - regardless of your personality, whether you're a lover or a fighter, this gem ensures your safety and warns you of dangers ahead.

Garnet Meaning:  Passion, friendship, health, love, strong feelings and emotions.

While garnet is most commonly known to be red, it can actually be found in a variety of colours.  Each of the six types of Garnet- Rhodolite, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite and Uvarovite has a different colour.

In essence, garnets are tools that allow us to manifest the products of our imagination in three dimensions world. Each Garnet represents a different type and level of manifestation, but all serve the same purpose: grounding dreams and desires in the physical realm. In all of them is the energy of prosperity and desire for worldly pleasures.

Healing qualities

Brings courage, creative energy, vitality, abundance, flow, change, and awareness.

Physical:  helps anaemia, arthritis, blood cleansing/detox, blood flow, low blood pressure, rheumatism, under-active thyroid.

Emotional/spiritual:  brings emotional balance.  Helps depression, chaos, disruption, and emotional trauma.  Good for magic and spiritual devotion.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Neither workload nor career path are too steep for Capricorns. The only thing that gets them to the top is their own will power.  Ambition and endurance are reflected in this sign. Capricorns are realists to the core. Rather than dreaming about what they may do if they earn more, Capricorn has already earned and has wisely invested. Tradition holds great importance to them. For them, everything has to be just right. 

Due to their keen focus on business and adherence to convention, they sometimes miss out on the pleasure of life and jeopardize relationships.  Nonetheless, they have deep and intense feelings and can flourish in a long-term relationship.

Often, before they can truly share their emotions, they will scrutinize the other person to ensure their affection and trust will not be misplaced.

Main gemstones for Capricorn – Onyx, malachite, tourmaline, agate, black pearl and moss agate.

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