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Chevron Amethyst Tumbles: Stress Slayer & Intuition Booster

Chevron Amethyst Tumbles: Stress Slayer & Intuition Booster

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Chevron Amethyst: Your Inner Compass to Calm and Clarity

Forget tangled earphones, these chevrons are here to guide you straight to zen! Chevron amethyst, with its cool purple and white stripes, is like a roadmap to inner peace.
Unleash the Awesome:
- Calming vibes: Amethyst's legendary stress-busting powers are on full blast, helping you navigate life's storms with cool serenity.
- Intuition on fleek: Feeling lost? Chevron amethyst activates your Third Eye Chakra, sharpening your intuition and inner wisdom.
- Communication crystal clear: Struggling to express yourself? This stone helps bridge communication gaps, making you a master of words (or emojis ).
Bonus: Chevron amethyst also works with the Crown Chakra, strengthening your connection to the universe. Basically, it's your own personal cosmic compass!
Who needs it? Anyone who wants to:
- Tame their inner stress monster
- Sharpen their intuition and decision-making skills
- Express themselves with confidence
Add a pop of purple to your life and snag some chevron amethyst today!
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Customer Reviews

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Andree Van der Mescht

Lovely amethyst gem. Packaged beautifully. Very impressed