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Enchanted Raindrop: Heart Synthetic Opal Necklace

Enchanted Raindrop: Heart Synthetic Opal Necklace

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Embrace Your Passion: Sterling Silver Teardrop Opal Pendant   

October's birthstone takes flight! This captivating pendant features a mesmerizing blue opal, its vibrant depths reflecting a dazzling play-of-color within a sleek teardrop outline. Crafted in gleaming sterling silver, this piece embodies the fiery spirit of opals, believed to inspire passion and creativity. Embrace your inner fire or gift this unique design to someone special.
Unlike natural opals, these lab-created gems offer exceptional brilliance and durability. Impregnated synthetic opals, like the one in this necklace, boast an intense play-of-color with a directional (columnar) pattern, free from cracks or inclusions. Furthermore, due to a higher silica content, our synthetic opals possess superior strength, toughness, and resistance to chemicals and abrasions compared to their natural counterparts.
Pendant Size:  21mm x 14.5mm Approximately
Chain Length:  45cm
Metal:  Sterling Silver
This exquisite necklace is perfect for:
Adding a touch of captivating elegance to any outfit.
Gifting a piece of timeless beauty to someone special.
Owning a dazzling gem that is both ethically sourced and remarkably durable.
Embrace the brilliance and fire within. Order your Oval Blue Synthetic Opal Necklace today!

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