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Dazzling White Spines Ammonite (Madagascar) - Start your fossil collection

Dazzling White Spines Ammonite (Madagascar) - Start your fossil collection

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Own a Piece of Prehistoric Madagascar: White Spine Ammonite (Perisphinctes virguloides)
Hold a piece of ancient seas in your hand with this stunning White Spines Ammonite fossil, meticulously unearthed from the rich fossil beds of Madagascar.
Ammonites weren't snails, but shelled relatives of squid and octopuses that dominated the oceans for over 300 million years, from the Devonian period to the Cretaceous period, before going extinct.
This captivating fossil showcases the intricate details of the ammonite's shell, including the characteristic white spines that give it its name. Measuring 73mm x 95mm x 17mm and weighing 225 grams, this ammonite is perfect for display in your collection or as a unique conversation starter.  Display stand not included.
Bring a touch of prehistoric beauty to your home or gift the wonder of paleontology - add this White Spines Ammonite to your cart today!
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