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Earth & Sky: Herkimer & Blue Topaz Necklace

Earth & Sky: Herkimer & Blue Topaz Necklace

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Every Day Elegance: Rough Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Raw Beauty Meets Shimmering Sky. This captivating necklace showcases the contrasting wonders of earth and sky. A stunning rough Herkimer diamond rests below a faceted blue topaz, both secured in polished sterling silver. The diamond's natural brilliance shines through, complementing the topaz's vibrant color. Unique inclusions and the double-terminated form of the Herkimer diamond add a touch of organic intrigue. This pendant is a conversation starter, bringing a touch of elegance to any outfit.
Herkimer diamonds are not true diamonds, but rather double-terminated quartz crystals known for their exceptional clarity and natural faceting. Found in Herkimer County, New York, these captivating stones have been prized for centuries for their beauty and energy. In the realm of metaphysics, Herkimer diamonds are believed to possess powerful cleansing and amplifying properties. They are said to promote clarity, creativity, and spiritual connection.
Pendant Size:  29mm x 14mm Approximately
Blue Topaz:  7.5mm x 5mm
Herkimer Diamond:  20mm x 13mm
Chain Length:  45cm
Metal:  Sterling Silver

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