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Mini Mountain Magic - South African Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Mini Mountain Magic - South African Amethyst Spirit Quartz

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Unleash Your Inner Spirit with the Enchanting Amethyst Spirit Quartz from South Africa!

This isn't your average crystal! This captivating Amethyst Spirit Quartz, hailing from the mystical Boekenhouthoek region of South Africa, is a geological marvel with a powerful presence. 
Imagine millions of years of nature's magic at work. Deep within the earth, intense heat and pressure transformed pure quartz into a mesmerizing display of violet hues. But wait, there's more! These crystals boast a one-of-a-kind, spiky structure – like a miniature mountain range – that's earned them the nickname "Cactus Quartz." This unique formation happens when multiple quartz crystals grow together, creating a truly captivating sight.
Sourced responsibly from the Mpumalanga Province, this Amethyst Spirit Quartz measures a substantial 48mm x 42mm x 82mm and weighs 130 grams, radiating a potent energy that will leave a lasting impression. 
Nicknamed "Spirit Quartz" by local miners who saw its otherworldly beauty, this crystal is believed to be a bridge to the spiritual realm. It's said to promote harmony, connection, and deep self-discovery.  Imagine this beauty in your hand, its coolness a grounding presence, its points channeling universal energy. 
Don't just add a crystal to your collection, add a conversation starter, a meditation buddy, and a piece of South African magic. Embrace the spirit within with Amethyst Spirit Quartz!
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