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Stunning Cut and Polished Ammonite Fossil Pair

Stunning Cut and Polished Ammonite Fossil Pair

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Ancient Treasures: Stunning Ammonite Fossil Duo!


Ammonites, predatory molluscs resembling shelled squids, featured eyes, tentacles, and distinctive spiral shells akin to nautiluses. While closely related to living octopuses, they graced the fossil record around 240 million years ago. Remarkably enduring, their last lineages vanished 65 million years ago, marking the end of the Cretaceous period. Through intricate fossilization processes, these molluscs left behind beautifully preserved spiral shells. Unearth the ancient legacy of these captivating cephalopods, preserved in time for us to marvel at their intriguing past.  Includes a pair if display stands.


Size:  123mm  x 160mm Approximately
Weight:  811 gram



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This piece is exclusively available online.  We do have other similar Ammonite pairs available in store.
The photos are taken in light studio but best efforts are made to reflect the true colour of the stones but there may be some variation in natural light. 

The piece in the image is the exact piece you will receive.
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