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Large Aura Lava Stone Crystal Skull

Large Aura Lava Stone Crystal Skull

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Large Aura Lava Stone Crystal Skull

Size: 127mm x 84mm x 99mm
Weight: 1139g
Ancient cultures carved crystals into the shape of a human skull to increase their power to affect healing and human consciousness on all levels. Crystal skulls are empowered by the natural healing properties inherent within different stones, which resonate at different frequencies of healing and consciousness.
Crystal skulls can be programmed and directed by desired intention for supporting the healing of oneself and others. One can work with specific stones for assistance with specific conditions, or one can work with an all-purpose crystal skull carved of clear quartz crystal.
Given the intimate connection that Lava Stone has with molten Earth, these Stones are powerful grounding totems which provide strength and courage to overcome obstacles. Meditating with Lava Stone offers a strong sense of vitality and fertility owing to its deep connection to Mother Earth.

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