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Rare Mercenaria Permagna Clam Fossil

Rare Mercenaria Permagna Clam Fossil

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Extremely Rare Mercenaria Permagna Fossil Clam Shell from Ruck's Pit Quarry, Fort Drum, Florida!

This captivating Mercenaria Permagna fossil clam shell is a true testament to the ancient wonders hidden beneath the surface of our planet. This exquisite specimen hails from the renowned Ruck's Pit Quarry in Fort Drum, Florida, and it offers a captivating glimpse into the distant past, where these magnificent creatures thrived in an entirely different world.
Product Details:
Name: Mercenaria permagna Fossil Clam Shell
Origin: Ruck's Pit Quarry, Fort Drum, Florida
Age: Estimated at over 2 million years
Size: 86mm x 45mm x 106mm
Weight:  251 gram
Preservation: Exceptionally well-preserved with intricate shell patterns
Presentation: Comes with a custom display stand for showcasing its natural beauty
Formation of Mercenaria permagna Fossil Clam Shells:
The Mercenaria permagna fossil clam shell is not just a striking artefact; it is a portal to a remarkable era in Earth's history. These fossils originated from the Pliocene epoch, which spanned from approximately 5.3 million to 2.6 million years ago. During this period, the geography and climate of Florida were vastly different from what we know today.

Here's how these remarkable fossils came to be:

Ancient Clam Habitats: Mercenaria permagna, a species of giant clam, inhabited the shallow marine waters of what is now Florida during the Pliocene. These clams could grow to impressive sizes, making them a dominant species in their underwater ecosystem.
Shell Accumulation: Over millions of years, the shells of Mercenaria permagna accumulated on the ocean floor as these clams lived and died. Their shells were composed of calcium carbonate, which slowly solidified over time.
Fossilization Process: As sediment covered the ocean floor, it created conditions ideal for fossilization. Layers of sediment compressed the shells, causing them to undergo mineralization, where minerals gradually replaced the organic material within the shells. This process preserved the intricate details and patterns of the clam shells.
Unearthed at Ruck's Pit Quarry: Today, these extraordinary fossils are unearthed at the Ruck's Pit Quarry in Fort Drum, Florida. The quarry exposes layers of sedimentary rock from the Pliocene epoch, and diligent fossil hunters and palaeontologists meticulously extract and preserve these treasures from deep within the Earth.
Each Mercenaria permagna fossil clam shell from Ruck's Pit Quarry is a unique work of art sculpted by time itself. Its intricate patterns and well-preserved structure serve as a tangible link to our planet's past, making it a remarkable addition to any collection or a captivating educational piece. Whether you are an avid fossil enthusiast, a collector of natural wonders, or simply intrigued by the mysteries of Earth's history, this Mercenaria permagna fossil clam shell is a timeless piece of our planet's legacy, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

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