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Polished Dinosaur Bone (Gembone)

Polished Dinosaur Bone (Gembone)

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Polished Dinosaur Bone (Gembone) Section - Morocco

This section of agatized dinosaur bone hails from Bouarfa, Morocco, and dates back to the Jurassic period, a staggering 160 million years ago! It's been meticulously cut and polished on one side, revealing its fascinating inner cell structure. The wonderful coloration and intriguing patterns are likely due to impurities within the silica that replaced the original bone material, a process known as silicification. Remarkably, this silicification often occurs at a microscopic level, preserving the intricate internal structures of the bone. Based on these cellular features and other characteristics, paleontologists believe this section most likely belonged to a sauropod, one of the giant long-necked dinosaurs that were the largest land animals to ever walk the Earth.
Size:  145mm x 85mm x 33mm Approximately
Weight:  327 gram
Origin:   Bouarfa, Morocco
Age:  Jurassic
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