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Prehnite Specimens from Beaufort West

Prehnite Specimens from Beaufort West

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Breathtaking Prehnite Specimen: A Collector's Gem

This captivating light green prehnite specimen, boasting a mesmerizing botryoidal formation, originates from the renowned Beaufort West region of South Africa. Prehnite, a beautiful calcium silicate mineral, forms in metamorphic rocks through the alteration of volcanic basalt. Its delicate, grape-like clusters, like this one, are particularly sought after.
Prized for its calming energy, prehnite is believed to promote peace, tranquility, and emotional balance. It's said to nurture a sense of security and connection to nature. This 77mm x 56mm x 37mm, 238-gram botryoidal prehnite would make a stunning addition to any crystal collection or a source of serenity in your home.  

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