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Quartz with Hematite Inclusions - Pellaberg

Quartz with Hematite Inclusions - Pellaberg

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Quartz Point with Hematite Inclusions from Pellaberg

Hematite Coated Quartz is a true marvel of nature from the heart of the Northern Cape province in South Africa. This remarkable gemstone is a testament to the beauty and wonder of geological processes. 
Product Details:
  • Mineral: Quartz with Hematite Coasting
  • Origin: Pellaberg, Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Size: 52mm x 28mm x 41mm Approximately
  • Weight:  53 gram
  • Colour: White and deep red
  • Texture: Natural, unpolished
  • Lustre: Vitreous
  • Display: Perfect for showcasing in your mineral collection or as a conversation-starting decorative piece
Product Description: From the Pellaberg region, our Hematite-Coated Quartz with Hematite Inclusions showcases a mesmerizing blend of the mineral kingdom's finest treasures. At its core is a Quartz crystal but what sets this gemstone apart is its stunning hematite coating.
The exterior of this Quartz specimen is adorned with a lustrous hematite coating, creating a striking contrast between the rich, metallic sheen and the crystal's inherent clarity. This coating not only enhances the gem's aesthetic appeal but also offers protective qualities, preserving its beauty for generations to come.
The true marvel, however, lies within the heart of the Quartz crystal. Encased within are mesmerizing inclusions of hematite, often resembling delicate, silvery threads or intricate patterns. These internal formations are a testament to the geological processes that shaped this gemstone.
Formation: The formation of Hematite-Coated Quartz with Hematite Inclusions is a complex and fascinating journey through geological time. It all begins with the presence of iron-rich mineral deposits deep within the Earth's crust. Over countless millennia, these deposits undergo a series of transformative processes.
  1. Quartz Growth: Quartz crystals form in cavities and fractures within rocks. They slowly grow as mineral-rich solutions seep through these spaces, depositing silica molecules to build the crystal lattice. This process can take millions of years, resulting in the formation of a pristine Quartz crystal.
  2. Hematite Introduction: As the Quartz crystal grows, it often encounters iron-rich fluids. Hematite, an iron oxide mineral, is a common component of these fluids. When these fluids interact with the Quartz, hematite particles become embedded within the crystal, creating the captivating inclusions.
  3. Hematite Coating: Over time, external factors such as changing geological conditions or the presence of iron-rich groundwater can lead to the formation of a hematite coating on the Quartz's surface. This coating adds a layer of intrigue and visual appeal to the gem.
The result of these intricate geological processes is a Hematite-Coated Quartz with Hematite Inclusions—a masterpiece of nature that captures the essence of South Africa's Northern Cape province. Each specimen is a unique work of art, with its own patterns and inclusions, making it a treasured addition to any gemstone collection or a perfect gift for those who appreciate the natural wonders of our planet.
Discover the beauty and history of Earth's artistry with our Hematite-Coated Quartz with Hematite Inclusions from Pellaberg in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Each piece tells a story written in stone, a testament to the remarkable forces that have shaped our planet for millions of years. Own a piece of geological history and marvel at the captivating beauty of this exquisite gemstone.

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