Cactus Quartz Small Point

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Small White and Yellow Cactus Quartz Point


Size:  36mm x 62mm x 26 mm Approximately
Weight:  61 gram
Location:  Boekenhoutshoek, KwaNdebele, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa


What is Cactus Quartz
Cactus Quartz, also known as Spirit Quartz or Porcupine Quartz, originates from Boekenhoutshoek in South Africa. It is a unique variety of quartz characterized by its cluster formation and coating of smaller quartz crystals on a larger central crystal. Cactus Quartz typically exhibits a range of colors, including purple, white, and occasionally yellow. It is prized for its stunning appearance and is believed to possess spiritual properties, promoting harmony, amplifying energy, and fostering spiritual growth.  Cactus Quartz is highly sought after by crystal enthusiasts and collectors worldwide for its beauty and metaphysical qualities.
Metaphysical Properties of Cactus Quartz
Cactus Quartz from Boekenhoutshoek possesses potent metaphysical properties. It is known as a crystal of harmony, promoting unity and balance within oneself and relationships. This quartz amplifies energy, aiding in spiritual growth and meditation. It enhances intuition and psychic abilities, facilitating communication with higher realms. Cactus Quartz also offers protection, purifies the aura, and clears negative energies. Its unique cluster formation creates a harmonious energy flow, making it a sought-after crystal for metaphysical practitioners and collectors.

All photographs are taken in a light studio so colours may vary from the actual piece.  We do try and make the images as accurate as possible. 

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