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Twinkle and Shine: Rainbow Moonstone & Citrine Earrings

Twinkle and Shine: Rainbow Moonstone & Citrine Earrings

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Mismatched Magic: Moonstone & Citrine Earrings for the Modern Muse

Channel your inner goddess with these celestial earrings that are anything but ordinary! 
Featuring a mesmerizing teardrop rainbow moonstone (believed to bring calmness and intuition), paired with a sparkling round citrine (known for attracting abundance and creativity), these earrings are like sunshine and moonlight captured in jewelry form. 
Set in secure bezel settings on sterling silver shepherd hooks, they're comfortable enough to wear every day, yet stylish and elegant enough to turn heads for a night out. Don't be afraid to mix and match your cosmic energy!  
Material:  Sterling Silver
   Rainbow Moonstone: 14mm x 9mm (think raindrop magic!)
   Citrine: 5mm x 5mm (like a burst of sunshine)
   From bottom of earring: 26mm
   From top of shepherd's hook: 38mm (perfect for showing off!)

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